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Positive expectations get positive results (November 2019)

Developing a conscious culture of positive mindset and expectations

What can we learn from the customer service world? (April 2019)

Developing an engaging and positive atmosphere from the start

Questioning for Questions Sake (February 2019)

Developing effective questions for assessment for learning and assessment of learning

Boys will be... (January 2019)

Boys vs Girls Classroom Misconceptions

Modelling positive behaviours in schools during challenging times (November 2018)

Demonstrating postive values to students

Impacting on the focus of males in the classroom (and females too) (October 2018)

Teaching strategies to increase boys focus and engagement from the start to the end of the lesson

Panic Stations (September 2018)

A reflection of my first month after transferring to teaching Maths full time

As a teacher, are you in the Zone (Summer 2018)

A reflection on how teachers get into different zones of focus at highly stressful times of the year

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