MMP - Males Making Progress

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Males Making Progress

Focusing on strategies to promote boys engagement and progress in education and benefit the girls at the same time.

My current role in my school is focusing on increasing the performance of boys against their target grades, to bring it inline with that of the girls. The whole approach is one focused on teaching and learning, and engaging students in a positive approach to education through the use of some fundamental strategies. I must stress that this is not to the detriment of girls in the classroom, as any of the suggested strategies should be seen as examples of good teaching and learning practice, that promote engagement and progress for most regardless of gender.

The current initiative can be split into two sections:

 - Year 10 MMP 6 week intervention cycle

This is to focus on the early intervention of underachievement and engagement in education prior to the pressures of Year 11.

The cycle aims to build self awareness and self motivation in boys, whilst developing a caring masculinity both in and out of school.

- Year 8 MMP Community Leadership Academy

This is to focus on empowering students that have the danger of becoming disengaged or have reduced self esteem and underachievement in the future.

The Academy aims to build students engagement with the ethos and values of the school and develop their leadership skills throughout.

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