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Grindstone Education Tracking Systems


Personalised for individual Physical Education Departments to suit your needs.

Core PE Tracking Systems (Based on Edexcel)


These tracking systems are created to fit the needs of the individual department, they can be adapted based on the sports covered in each term over the course of the year. The system formulates each childs data in each sport they cover to track their progress, comparing current to projected progress across the year. In addition to this, it links with GCSE PE giving each child a predicted grade path of progression in practical sports until the end of Year 11.


Please contact for further information and prices, which start from and introductory £250.

Features of the Systems:

- Simple to use - The system is created to allow quick and easy assessment uploads, splitting the grades into sports under each Range and


- It is formula updated, all the teacher has to do is enter the pupils current grades and the system updates their current grade,

their termly grade and highlights if they are on target to achieve OfSTED expected levels of progress.

- Teachers are able to export data from different systems including SIMs into the tracking system.


- Live on GoogleDocs - The system works best when used on GoogleDocs, making it manageable both online and offline, allowing teachers to update

grades from anywhere.

- Being live on GoogleDocs allows the system to be shared with pupils and parents (with their accounts locked to view only) by

teachers, meaning that feedback is instant and ownership of data is shared.


- Pupil centered - The system allows teachers to track performance, behaviour, attendance and equipment, meaning that when OfSTED come

calling you can support your conversations with all the proof you need.


- Highlighted Progress - The system highlights progress with reference to the following:

- Year 7 - Individual pupil Baseline Testing

- Year 8 and above - Individual pupil Baseline Testing

- The individuals average grade from the previous year

- The individuals final assessment from each sport



The systems will be updated and the improvements posted on here and emailled to the schools using the system.

Schools Currently Implementing the System



The system is very new and is currently being implemented in two Physical Education Departments in Suffolk and Essex. Keep looking here for their information and reviews. Below is detailed each school and the specific models that they run.

Newport Free Grammar School, Newport, Essex.


The Physical Education Department have been using this system for a year on their faculties drive, but have now progressed to using it on Google Drive. This has allowed them to update it in an offline mode from their work phones and devices at any time.

Stoke College, Stoke by Clare, Suffolk.


The Physical Education Department have been using this system for just over six months on their faculties drive. The School is currently working with Grindstone Education to create a Performing Arts Tracking System.



Brentwood County High School, Brentwood, Essex.


The Physical Education Department are now using the tracking system with their Year 7. The Department is involved with Grindstone Education to aid the development of the system on faculties and Google Drive. BCHS are also involved with developing the Core PE Tracking System that is based on GCSE Criteria.

Data for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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