Speed Dating

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Speed Dating

Scaffolding research and revision through timed conversations.

Phase 1 - Research

Pupils are set off for a specific amount of time to research a new or old topic for a specific amount of time.

You can allow pupils to pick their own topic to allow for true independence, based on their weakest topic, or give them a topic based on their differentiation level.

Allow pupils to create a 'Chat Up Line' for their topic. Make sure that they are clean and appropriate.

It is best to give around 10 minutes for this phase so that it is short and sharp, yet still allowing adequate time to gather the relevant information.

Phase 2 - The Dates

Pupils sit in a U shape around the room, facing a 'date' across a table.

Allow pupils to manage their own dates, sharing the information at a pace they are comfortable with, using the notes and information that they gathered in phase 1.

Pupils should note the quality of their date based on quality of information and quality of communication.

It is best to give around 2 minutes per date. At the end of each date the pupil on the inside of the U must stand up and move one seat to the right.

Phase 3 - Evaluation

Pupils return to their original seats and have an open discussion about the quality of their dates.

Try to pick out the flow of a conversation, not talking from a sheet and a deep understanding that made the date interesting.

Spend a couple of minutes on this and make it as fun and open as possible.

Phase 4 - Assessment

Pupils answer an exam question based on a topic that they didn't originally research.

Use this time to work around and talk to pupils reflecting indepenendtly on their work and checking that they have all sections of the topic that you have covered in the lesson.

Give the remainder of the lesson to do this.

Phase 1 - Example

Pick your weakest area of the Skeletal System from:

          - The roles of the Skeleton

          - The effects of exercise on the Skeleton

          - The effects of lifestyle and diet on the Skeleton

          - The specific injuries and their treatment

You have 10 minutes to make as many bullet point notes on this. Your date will be of a higher quality if you talk without notes.

Create a 'Chat Up Line' to kick start each of your dates based on your topic

Phase 2 - Example

You have 2 minutes per date. During this time you must share the information you have researched in the best way possible.

At the end of each date, grade them out of 5.

After your date, the inside pupil moves one seat to the right.

If you have exhanged all information before the time is up, discuss any information from previous dates.

Phase 3 - Example

Return to your seats.

Who was the best date?

Why was this person so good?

How can you improve your dating technique for next time?

Phase 4 - Example

Explain how .......... in the skeletal system an how this is effected by sport.

You may use your new notes to help you answer the question.

Once you have answered the question, add extra information to the dates if you missed anything out.

If you use this approach in any of your lessons, would like to give examples of how you used it, or any changes that you would make please contact me through:




Many thanks and good luck!

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