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Marking Teaching & Learning Briefing

This page walks through the 6 minute T&L Briefing that I led in May 2014 based on my approach to marking.

Marking in Action

Below I have included a slide show of the Prezi I used to deliver the T&L Briefing. Alongside this is a slide by slide guide to the supporting comments I made whilst speaking to the whole teaching staff at NFGS.

Below is some extra context regarding two slides in the presentation.

Why Mark?

To put it very crudely, Marking is the main aspect of teaching that parents can comment on, so we as teachers have to ensure that it is done to the highest level.

In a learning context, effective marking allows for indeoendent learning to take places as a response to AfL. This means that pupils will know where they are, where they have to go and have a task/target that enables them to get there.

Outstanding Marking

This cycle shows the step-by-step process that I go through when marking my pupils books. Each stage in the cycle must be dated as this demonstrates progress over time for each pupil from their starting points. In addition to this, the marking itself is responsive to their learning and differentiated to fit each individuals needs.

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