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Power Planning Proforma

This section is dedicated to the adaptable Grindstone Education Planning Proforma.

Power Planning Proforma

There are millions of different proforma for planning lessons, supplied by schools, local authorities and created by teachers like myself. In the new OfSTED criteria that lesson plans may be required. This is highlighted in their grade descriptor for an Outstanding Quality of Teaching, that "They [Teachers] plan and teach lessons that enable pupils to learn exceptionally well across the curriculum". After a conversation with an OfSTED inspector, he said that a plan in a simple proforma, with a desciption that the teacher can explain, and that highlights the lesson is planned with regards to the specific groups of pupils, would be more than good enough.

In light of this conversation and reading the criteria for myself, I made a few adaptations to my previous proforma. These are visible in the pictures below, the first page demonstrates three clear levelled outcomes for all students to access. The second page demonstrates a simple cyclical format in which the tasks can be changed and manipulated easily.

The Physical Educaiton at my school and myself, have found that this is very simple to use and can be saved as a blank with the data and notes updated at later dates for multiple classes. Due to this it has become a departmental policy for us to use this in at least our practical lessons.

If you would like an editable copy of this document, please email: admin@grindstoneeducation.co.uk

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