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Units of Work and Lesson Plans

Here you can order specific units of work based on the Grindstone Education lesson plan format. The format contains 2 pages, one for traffic light learning objectives, the second for a simple 'power planning' sheet. The Units that are currently available to order are available below:

Year 7 and 8 Boys (These refer to NCPE levels on the first page)



Year 9, 10 and 11 Boys (These refer to Edexcel GCSE grades on the first page)



If you are interested in purchasing some of these units, or even ones that aren't noted above, please do so by emailling  admin@grindstoneeducation.co.uk

Traffic Light Learning Objectives

This page is to be shared with the pupils, allowing them to set targets at the start of the lesson before reflecting on their progress and achievement at the end of the lesson.

The page is split into three sections:

1.   The header of WALT, outlining What we Are Learning Today.

2.   The middle section consists of the levelled explanations of What I'm

      Looking For. The levels are created using the key words and skills from

      the NCPE and are highlighted in bold to demonstrate clear progression.

3.   The footer is the 'Umbrella Question' which each pupil should be able to

      answer by the end of the lesson.

(The example shown is lesson two from a Year 8 Cooperative Learning Rugby Unit)

Power Planning Page

This page is a cyclical format with areas for each key aspect of a Physical Education Lesson. Each task area has 5 components:

  -  Task Description

  -  Differentiation

  -  Teaching Style

  -  Notes

  -  Assessment

The two other key areas of the Power Planning Page are:

Structured Question which should be three differentiated questions that support the Umbrella Question on the front page.

Technology which is a key area in Physical Education at the moment, split into two components of Teacher and Student Use which should ensure the sharing of the technology so that it is not just kept by the teacher of non-doers.

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