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Teacher Twitter

This is my personal teacher account for day to day teaching information and school related updates. You can follow me @MrDGrindrodJFAN by clicking on the Twitter Logo to the left.

Grindstone Education


I am a great believer in the strength of Twitter as a tool for CPD and all round progression of the teaching profession.

All updates will be posted via the twitter page @GrindstoneEdu you can contact me here and see the updates instantly.


I frequently write blogs based on mini-research projects and specific aspects of progress in my teaching career. You can follow my Blogs by clicking on the logo to the left. If you have any suggestions for new Blog Posts please contact me.


I'm trying this out as something new, to highlight the work-life balance that my wife and I try to create. It's a bit of fun to share with people what helps us in the classroom and what we get up to outside of it.

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